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Adding Talk
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Adding Talk is a live talk show at the local area of Beijing. Adding Talk believes it more than worthy to give a better education to parents than the kids. It gives the topic of either popular affairs or the must-know kid-caring knowledge to its audiences. Each season 4 to 5 professions came and shared their experience with more than 200 parents. 

Behind The Stage

As a non-pro t project, Adding Talk gives the best contents to its audience, at the meantime,minimze the budget, make every cent of material material al counts, there are only 3 people(Our marketing person, Resource Specialist and me) work all way connect to make it happen. In half year, it cost only 80K RMB to present 3 well-designed shows. And yes, we proud of it! 

The Sponsorships, Spendings,
And Incomes
 For the season 2 and 3, we start to see a growing reputation of Adding Talk, more than 10 sponsorships came to our talk show, the range of sponsorship covers Lego, nutritional food of infant, kindergarten and etc. While Adding Talk plays a role of non-pro t organization, thus it doesn’t take any money neither from the ticket nor the sponsorships, and donated all the incomes to the kid-caring organization. All the spendings including videography, stage building, equipment renting are all controlled within the budget .