Art Study Trip 2017

In 2017, SIA held a summer campaign, cooperating top art schools in US / UK, to offer young perspective artists/designers an opportunity working with and witness the best art/ design professors and creative talents. Students sign up in SIA, and choose UK / US campaigns based on their preference. The campaign last 3-week long, students visit and study in 4-6 universities, in 3-5 cities, also they would have chance to experience cultures and local activiteis. 


Designer need to create 2 different intro pages, which could be linked from the SIA website. We aimed to make these pages attractive and visual consistent, so we start to work on it.

We apply the popular design language: Memphis Design, which is very polular recent year.
In a decade, the abstract and angular furniture and graphic patterns devised by Italian-based collective were the antithesis of streamlined, midcentury style; one critic described a room of their work as a series of “flat disks, lozenges, and saw-toothed edges; some resemble slices of lemon, toothbrushes and imaginary animals.”
There is also a final version of these two pages. As the conceptual version, this design provide an inspiration to the final version. From perspective of marketing, branding, SEO and etc., the final version is little far vary from this design, but I kept this version as a personal reference and preference.