SSENSE is an online fashion and luxury retail, it is secure, easy checkout and super cool-looking. It is based on web Browser.


As being its loyal customers for years, I enjoy every minutes of browsing it. However, all main competitors like YOOX, FarFetch, HBX and ect, moving their sight into Mobile end. which make shopping great easier and portable. Even though the fact that people already had decent experience when they also browsing SSENSE by mobile browser, still I begin to imagine a SSENSE mobile app.

New Menu


One of the most distinguish part of SSENSE visual language is its cleaning layout: it is very pure and absolute.


I kept its visual style but apply a little change in classifying: in the mobile app, the functional part(structural information doesn’t  need for loading time) is more efficient.  In the menu list, take the “next” arrow, instead, by using the indent and bold font for different level of menu.

Search Function
 People more likely to browse SSENSE by flow, meaning they keep sliding down. Therefore, the searching feature is need to be improved. In the redesign, searching could be two part: article and items. SSENSE now spend more on the news flowso user need to be able to search the article in the past. Also I strengthen the items search function, to be more precise.
The Pop-up Window

In the mobile browser version, user have to slide down to read more detail of items. To keep the “add to bag” button always in the page, which is good for marketing reason, the item detail in the mobile app version could checked by tapping the “view detail” button, there will be a pop-up window.


Similarly, the size chart and the page after the “add to bag” button also present by a pop-up window.