Mobile App Redesign
Since 2017, as iOS11 has announced a new design language that  enhance the highlight of text other than icons, using large images+text other than thumbnails images. Then increasing number of deisgner has apply this design into their own works. This time I am not aim to focus on the usability and design experience, but try to put the new design language into the practice project.
Splash Pages
 In order to leave deep impression to the user, more importantly, to shape the “airbnb “ brand more precisely, the new splash page push the best of the best “superhost” to million of user instead of in the home page, but the splash page.
 “Home” page

Search homes from the main page, and enter home from results.


In the “home” page, there are three categories of information.

“Experience” page

Similar to the “home” page, select interested experience from the index, and enter.


There is a cover page for each experience page for an visual introduction.


Jump into detail page and see detail.

“Trip” page

The most important info in the “Me” page is the trips.


In the “Trips” page, user is able to check coming trips and trip histories.