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This is an infographic poster, it shows the comparison of two biggest commercial airplane manufacturers in the world.
I complete this poster several years ago during my college. Later in the year 2017, I decide complete a reverse version of it, with a more popular color, and more mature typeface. Also I fix typos and spelling mistakes, overall I think this is a better version.
Special thanks to my professor: Brian Stone.
Poster size: 90cm by 60cm
Complete: December, 2017

Date Visualization

People do not know what does 6,000 kilometers mean, but they say “Ah! I got it“ when I say it is the distance from New York to Paris.

Visual Break

While through huge amount of data, the audiences my be exhausted  , it is always good idea to give some records in the infographics to help them relax. 
Since several years ago I uploaded this infographic design work onto the most popular information design community “”, then it has been seen more than 40K: a decent ranking range in the category of “transportation”.